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Haisbe and Ümit

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Eslam, Hiba, Mohammed
and Ibrahim had to
leave everything behind.

Our financial support helps
them buy what they need most,
giving them #PowerToBe



Providing regular
financial assistance through the "Kızılaykart" (Red Crescent Card)

The ESSN provides financial assistance to refugees in Turkey, home to the largest refugee population in the world with close to four million people.

Through a prepaid debit card, called the
"Kızılaykart", families are able to help cover the things they need most, like contributing to rent,
food and daily essentials.

This helps people participate in community life
and contribute to the local Turkish economy.

Despite their hardship, it gives them the chance
to rebuild their lives.


European Union

Whenever there is a disaster or humanitarian emergency, the European Union (EU) provides assistance to affected countries and populations around the world.

The EU has been funding humanitarian projects in Turkey to help vulnerable refugees and their host communities, in coordination with the Government of Turkey.

Since 2016, the EU has been supporting its biggest humanitarian project ever, the Emergency Social Safety Net, ensuring 1.5 million refugees in Turkey can buy what they need most through cash assistance.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is the world’s largest humanitarian organization, reaching 150 million people in 192 National Societies, including Turkish Red Crescent, through the work of 13.7 million volunteers.

The IFRC acts before, during and after
disasters to meet the needs and improve
the lives of vulnerable people.

The IFRC has been leading large-scale cash programmes for decades in response to a broad spectrum of disasters around the globe, including ist largest programme ever - the Emergency Social Safety Net
in Turkey.

Turkish Red Crescent (TRC)

The Turkish Red Crescent (Türk Kızılay) is the largest humanitarian organization in Turkey, helping vulnerable people in and out of disasters for years, both in the country and abroad.

Since 2011, the TRC has been providing first-line response to the refugee influx, supporting millions of people in camps and urban settings.

Through the largest cash programme in the world, the TRC supports 1.5 million vulnerable refugees in Turkey to cover their basic needs.

The Government of Turkey

The Turkish Red Crescent, IFRC and EU work in coordination with the Government of Turkey and its Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services.

The Government of Turkey is an important partner of the Emergency Social Safety Net programme, which is linked to the existing social system in Turkey.

The country hosts the world’s largest number of refugees and the Turkish Government plays a leading role, in particular with regards to the response to the Syria crisis.

About the campaign

What we love connects us

The #PowerToBe campaign aims to raise awareness and understanding for people that had to flee conflict by showing them as individuals with passions. Meet Eslam, Hiba, Ibrahim and Mohammed, who share those talents with people from six countries. The campaign launches in January 2022 in: Germany, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Portugal and Turkey - building on success of last year's #PowerToBe campaign.